Бактерицидный облучатель

Air Recirculators is definitely the closed-sort irradiators, during which ultraviolet radiation is concentrated inside the unit physique, and will not go out. The supply of ultraviolet radiation is non-ozone bactericidal lamps using a wavelength of 253.seven nm. Ultraviolet radiation using this type of wavelength has a wide range of outcomes on microorganisms, like micro organism, viruses, fungi and spores.

Specially productive is the usage of recyclers during the prevalence of perilous epidemiological situation. Recirculators prevent the distribute of infections such as influenza, ARI, diphtheria, tuberculosis and a lot of Other individuals by disinfecting the air in the area. облучатель воздуха Additionally, scientists have found which the virus of atypical pneumonia, the epidemic of that has swept Nearly The complete globe, is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, meaning that recirculators are effective in combating the distribute of this condition.

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