Бактерицидный рециркулятор воздуха

Air Recirculators could be the shut-form irradiators, during which ultraviolet radiation is concentrated Within the system physique, and might not head out. The source of ultraviolet radiation is non-ozone bactericidal lamps with a wavelength of 253.seven nm. Ultraviolet radiation with this wavelength has a variety of results on microorganisms, together with micro organism, viruses, fungi and spores.

Particularly effective is using recyclers throughout the event of risky epidemiological situation. Recirculators reduce the spread of infections for instance influenza, ARI, diphtheria, tuberculosis and lots of Many others by disinfecting the air within the place. Additionally, researchers have discovered that the virus of atypical pneumonia, the epidemic of which сайт has swept Virtually The complete entire world, is delicate to ultraviolet radiation, which suggests that recirculators are powerful in combating the distribute of the ailment.

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