Бактерицидный рециркулятор облучатель воздуха

Air Recirculators would be the closed-style irradiators, in which ultraviolet radiation is concentrated Within the machine physique, and might not head out. The supply of ultraviolet radiation is non-ozone bactericidal lamps having a wavelength of 253.7 nm. Ultraviolet radiation using this type of wavelength has a wide range of consequences on microorganisms, which include germs, viruses, fungi and spores.

Specially powerful is the usage of recyclers throughout the prevalence of risky epidemiological circumstance. Recirculators stop the unfold of infections for example influenza, ARI, diphtheria, tuberculosis and a lot of others by disinfecting the air within the room. On top of that, experts have discovered that the virus of atypical pneumonia, the epidemic of which has swept Virtually The entire environment, is delicate to ultraviolet radiation, meaning that recirculators are helpful in посмотреть combating the spread of this condition.

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